What we Do?

What we offer...

Yoga Retreats

Accommodation, Equipment and Yoga by a qualified instructor is included in the price of your retreat. A selection of our all-inclusive  retreats also include meals and transfers. So why not join us?

Make time for you, you deserve it!

Pilates Retreats

Our Pilates retreats in Costa Rica & Greece includes accommodation, equipment and Pilates by a qualified instructors.

Free time allows you the opportunity to explore, relax on the beach or just relax in the sun!


Walking Retreats

Walking retreats include 10 hours walking time per week with an experienced tour guide.

Suitable for all ages and abilities.

Perfect bonding time for families, large groups or meeting new friends for solo travellers.

Cycling Retreats

Cycling retreats are hosted in the stunning countryside of Costa Rica and includes 10 hours of cycling per week (Mon-Fri) with an experienced guide.

Suitable for all ages and abilities.

Great for families and large groups!

Book Accommodation only

Some of the accommodation where we host our retreats is available to book year round.

Organize your own retreat, relax and spend some time away with loved ones or alone by booking accommodation only.

All budgets catered for and children welcome!

"ReTreat... reconnecT... remember..." - EP

Where are our retreats?

Eco Retreats in Costa Rica

Book onto one of our budget friendly Eco retreats in the stunning Costa Rica! Offering yoga, pilates, walking or cycling as options for your retreat.

Great for families and large groups these retreats cater for up to 24 per retreat.

All levels welcome!

Sunshine Retreats in Greece

Villa Llamedos on the beautiful Greek island of Samos hosts our very popular Yoga & Pilates private villa retreats.

With groups of only 4 - 6 per retreat, each activity is tailored to suit each individual in the group.

Suitable for all levels.  Families & children welcome!

Escape Luxury Retreats in Costa Rica

Treat yourself and go all out on one of our all-inclusive luxurious Escape retreats at the prestigious Malayka in Bejuco, Costa Rica.

Suitable for all levels and abilities these retreats provide the ultimate retreat experience!